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Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Sorter Hickory Temp/Contract 09/22/2017
Machine operator Maiden, NC Temp/Contract 09/21/2017
Fill Off Attendant 2nd shift Hudson Temp/Contract 09/21/2017
Project Helper Morganton Temp/Contract 09/21/2017
2nd shift Welding Jig Loader Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/21/2017
2nd Shift Sewer Temp/Contract 09/20/2017
Inspector Maiden, NC Temp/Contract 09/20/2017
Material Coordinators Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/20/2017
Stacker "D" Shift Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/20/2017
CNC Operator Morganton Temp/Contract 09/18/2017
NIGHTS red Temp/Contract 09/15/2017
Fill out/Batch maker Hickory, NC Temp/Contract 09/13/2017
Cloth Cutter Conover, NC Temp/Contract 09/13/2017
Poly Cutter Temp/Contract 09/13/2017
Sewer Conover, NC Temp/Contract 09/13/2017
CNC Programmer Claremont, NC Temp/Contract 09/13/2017
Warper Tender Operator Valdese Temp/Contract 09/12/2017
Shipping Associate Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/12/2017
Electrician Tech Conover Temp/Contract 09/11/2017
String Blower Hickory Temp/Contract 09/11/2017
Machine Operator Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/11/2017
Maintenance Newton, NC Temp/Contract 09/07/2017
3rd Shift Production Hickory, NC Temp/Contract 09/06/2017
Deburring Morganton Temp/Contract 08/31/2017
Machine Operator 2nd Shift/Line Tech Lincolnton, NC Temp/Contract 08/30/2017
Machine Helper 2nd shift Hildebran Temp/Contract 08/30/2017
Stacker "B" shift Newton, NC Temp/Contract 08/30/2017
3rd shift Maintenance apprentice Conover Temp/Contract 08/29/2017
Cloth Cutter Lenior Temp/Contract 08/24/2017
Inside upholster Lenior Temp/Contract 08/24/2017
2nd Shift Sander Hickory, NC Temp/Contract 08/24/2017
2nd Shift Sprayer Hickory, NC Temp/Contract 08/23/2017
Machine operator NIGHT Shift Maiden, NC Temp/Contract 08/23/2017
Sample Warper Tender Valdese Temp/Contract 08/23/2017
Accounting Clerk Hildebran Temp/Contract 08/14/2017
(1210) Sweeper / Doffer 3rd shift Valdese Temp/Contract 08/14/2017
Sewing Lenoir Temp/Contract 08/14/2017
Maintenance - Preventative Maintenance Longview Temp/Contract 08/11/2017
WEEKEND Shift - Folders / Sorters Longview/Hildebran Temp/Contract 08/11/2017
Folders Longview Temp/Contract 08/11/2017
Upholstery Training Line Conover, NC Temp/Contract 08/10/2017
2nd shift Temp/Contract 08/10/2017
CNC Operator (Master) Morganton Temp/Contract 08/01/2017
Manufacturing Trainee Conover, NC Temp/Contract 07/07/2017
Upholstery Training Line Conover, NC Temp/Contract 02/23/2017
Master-Machine Operator Rutherford College, NC Temp/Contract 12/14/2016
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910 Burkemont Avenue

Morganton, NC 28655